New York productions company

We are thrilled to show your film to our audience!


I thought you might like to hear some of the comments our real to reel selection committee members made about your film Finding Courage! We have two members that are members of the (BFCA) Broadcast Film Critics Association. 

“What a fascinating story. Powerful, intriguing and tough to watch at times. When you witness stories like this, it can remind you to appreciate what you have. Great shots, structure and technical production value.”

“An insightful look into an issue that people need to be more aware about.”

“Tough to watch in very many ways, when considering the extremely inhumane things endured by these individuals. Still, I believe that telling the truth and depicting the tragic reality in these situations is very important in documentaries of this nature.Moving interviews and striking archive footage are edited together effectively, and the final product is definitely worth watching (and urgently so) for emotionally mature audiences.”