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About Us

Founded in 2008 and based in New York, Shakespeare Productions provides crew and film production support for Documentaries, Commercials, TV and all things web. We love the opportunity to meet new people and help bring their stories to the world 🙂

Paulio (Producer/Cinematographer)

Paulio, Producer / Cinematographer
Paulio studied Sound Engineering and Film and Television in New Zealand from 2003. Later he worked as a reporter/cameraman editing news stories for broadcast deadlines, later he moved into producing and cinematography for tv shows, documentaries and commercials in New York. After founding Shakespeare Productions he has been creating stylized commercials and corporate films for leading brands and fortune 500 companies. VIMEO  IMDB

Kacey, Director / Producer
With over 15 years experience in media production, Kacey has produced commercials, music videos, and branded contentalong with both scripted and unscripted film & television. Always looking for the silver lining, he creates evoking stories that explore and celebrate the virtues of the human experience. His sensibilities developed from documentary filmmaking, empower him to create authentic and truthful content for the projects he takes on. Link to website

Kay, Producer / Filmmaker
Kay has spent 20 years producing award-winning non fiction programming, from feature-length documentaries to short works, from cinematic content to digital and interactive media. Link to website



Paulio (Producer/Cinematographer)

Lynn, Producer / Editor, Actor
Bilingual in Chinese and English, Lynn started working in broadcast television as a news reporter in 2007, before moving into producing and hosting travel shows in Asia. When she moved to New York she expanded her work in commercial productions as a producer, editor and voiceover artist.

James (Photographer / Cameraman)James, Photographer / Drone Operator
The camera has been a life long tool that accompanied James on his journey. He has traveled to more than 30 countries and lived on four continents experiencing some of the most rich cultures and landscapes around the world. His camera work explores the natural world, the human body and the beauty found within. Link to website